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What is the principle of laser hair removal?
Date:2016-05-06 Count:966
Laser hair removal is according to the selective photothermal dynamics principle, by reasonably adjusting the pulse width of the laser wavelength energy, laser can through the skin surface reach the hair roots of the hair follicle, light energy is absorbed and transformed the heat of the hair follicle tissue damage, so that the hair loss of regenerative capacity and does not damage the surrounding tissue, slight pain of technology. Laser hair removal is the most safe and fast long hair removal technology.
The skin of the human body is a relatively transparent structure, in front of a powerful laser, skin is simply a piece of transparent glass paper. So the laser can very smoothly through the skin depth of the hair follicle (hair growth), the melanin pigment in the hair follicle will absorb the laser energy, the heat energy generated by the exchange to destroy the hair follicle, and make the hair stop growing.
In this process due to the skin relative absorption laser energy or absorption is a small amount of laser energy, so the skin itself is there won't be any damage, also laser therapeutic head is provided with a cooling device for protect the skin, so hair removal treatment at the same time the skin not hair damage, and therefore will not occur abnormal pigmentation or scarring reaction.
Laser permanent hair removal can be divided into two categories: one for the ruby laser, Zi Cuiyu laser, laser based laser hair removal. With the illumination method based high-intensity pulsed light laser. A new type of laser hair removal is in accordance with the characteristics of patients with skin and hair characteristics, hair removal site to set up safe and effective wavelength of the light and energy to track the black brown hair follicle, dermal papilla gasification to the purpose of permanent hair removal, new laser light can be a transfer of energy, reach dozens or more hair follicles, hair follicles wither and to achieve permanent hair removal.
The hair itself is divided into three phases: initial stage, growth stage and mature stage, only in the initial stage of treatment will be truly effective, so first effective degree of approximately 50%, the second about 70%, the third about 90%, each time interval of about 4 week. About three times can be satisfied with the results. With a laser to remove armpit hair can also help eliminate some of the unexpected effect of body odor, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.
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