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Wonderful intelligent sound
Date:2016-05-06 Count:5763
With TV, cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, sockets, watches, cups, chopsticks and other daily necessities have become intelligent, people are gradually surrounded by various types of intelligent equipment, life is becoming more intelligent.
Audio is a traditional digital products, intelligent sound is a natural lot of people (especially music lovers) look forward to. Intelligent sound in addition to the sound of their own functions, but also add more features to show its "smart"". Even when the sound of the traditional functions, intelligent sound also has HD quality, voice control, cloud music library, personalized recommendation and so on. Intelligent sound low frequency shock powerful, if full, high frequency transparent, to bring people the ultimate music experience. Intelligent audio with human-computer interaction function, not only can realize voice control, voice, singing and acoustic search. Intelligent audio through the WiFi network, do not rely on computers, mobile phones can play a vast amount of cloud music independently. Intelligent sound accurate recording of people's preferences and habits of listening to music, accurate positioning, intelligent push to meet the individual needs of people, but also for different scenes and different groups to provide customized audio services. Intelligent sound use is simple, can be upgraded to expand, but also by mobile phone applications to achieve remote control.
Intelligent sound implementation of the perfect combination of the traditional sound and the Internet, in the provision of ubiquitous music, but also can provide a ubiquitous voice control portal. Intelligent audio can not only interact with the phone, hand ring, watches and other smart products, and even from the phone, with its voice control and other functions to become an important entrance of smart home. Not limited to music, voice, the doorbell, etc. with the "voice" of any application scenarios can associated with intelligent sound!
Intelligent sound in sound and design is comparable to the traditional brand sound, but also according to different application scenarios and different groups of people to provide intelligent music recommendation service, and and complete the smart home system is closely linked. As technology continues to mature and the application of the market continues to expand, intelligent sound will be more people's favor, into millions of households.
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